Intercity Express Bus

Starlight Kushiro (Sapporo – Kushiro)

Reservation only

Time Schedule

Revised Mar 13, 2016 – good through Nov 30, 2016

Sapporo ->Onbetsu/Shiranuka/Kushiro
Dep / Sapporo Station Bus Terminal 07:40 11:10 15:40 17:50
Dep / Sapporo Station
(South side of Tokyu Dept. store)
Dep / Chuo Bus Sapporo Terminal 07:50 11:20 15:50 18:00 23:30
Dep / Oyachi Subway Station 08:18 11:48 16:18 18:28
Tokachi-Heigen SA Rest Area (daytime buses only)
Arr / Onbetsu Station Only night buses make a stop Following morning 4:15
Arr / Shiranuka (*scheduled to change from Mar 13) Only night buses make a stop Following morning 4:30
Arr / Otanoshike Station 12:30 16:00 20:30 22:40 Following morning 4:55
Arr / Tottori Bunki 12:40 16:10 20:40 22:50 Following morning 5:05
Arr / Kushiro Station Bus Terminal 12:55 16:25 20:55 23:05 Following morning 5:20
Arr / Kushiro Bus Main Office 13:15 16:45 21:15 23:25 Following morning 5:40
Kushiro/Shiranuka/Onbetsu -> Sapporo
Kushiro Bus Main Office 06:45 08:45 12:15 17:45 23:30
Dep / Kushiro Station Bus Terminal 07:05 09:05 12:35 18:05 23:50
Dep / Tottori Bunki 07:20 09:20 12:50 18:20 24:05
Dep / Otanoshike Station 07:30 09:30 13:00 18:30 24:15
Dep / Shiranuka (*scheduled to change from Mar 13) Only night buses make a stop 24:40
Dep / Onbetsu Station Only night buses make a stop 24:55
Tokachi-Heigen SA Rest Area (daytime buses only)
Arr / Oyachi Subway Station 11:42 13:42 17:12 22:42 Following morning 5:07
Arr / Sapporo Clock Tower (*) 12:07 14:07 17:37 23:07 Following morning 5:35
Arr / Sapporo Station Bus Terminal 12:15 14:15 17:45 23:15 Following morning 5:40

*The night bus leaving from Kushiro at 23:30 stops NOT at Sapporo Clock Tower, but, Chuo Bus Sapporo Terminal.
*Between Dec and Mar, the daytime buses will run 10 minutes later, and night buses will run 5 minutes later than the schedule mentioned above.
*Buses are subject to delays due to various traffic conditions.

Bus Stops

・For a map of bus stops, please see the pocket version time schedule.

Boarding Alighting
Sapporo Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
(Platform 15) (*scheduled to change Mar 13)
Sapporo Station Bus Terminal
Sapporo Station (South side of Tokyu Dept. store) Bus Stop Kita 2 Jo Nishi 3-chome
Chuo Bus Terminal (Platform 6) Sapporo Clock Tower (daytime bus only)
Chuo Bus Terminal (night time bus only)
Nango 18-chome Subway Station
Oyachi Subway Station (Platform 5)
Onbetsu JR Onbetsu Station
Shiranuka Former Doto Buhin
Kushiro JR Otanoshike Station
Tottori Bunki
Kushiro Station Bus Terminal (Platform 8) Tottori Odori 2-chome
Kushiro Station Bus Terminal (Platform 8)
Kushiro Bus Main Office
[Park & Ride] free parking available for bus users.

Equipment / Service

・All buses are non-smoking
・3 rows of single seats, /recliner seats(footrest, leg rest, armrest (with mini table))
・Restroom/TV/radio/movies/blankets/slippers/wet hand towel

*Some buses do not have single seating in the back of the bus.
*During Golden Week and Obon holidays, added buses (succeeding bus No. 2) may have 4 seats in a row.
*Please understand that features and equipment may be different, if other buses are used due to various circumstances and situations.
*For your safety, please keep your seatbelt fastened when the bus in in motion.
*Please turn off your mobiles while on board.
*Bringing on board large baggage, bicycles and other objects that may be a nuisance to others, may be limited in some cases. Please contact the office in advance if you have such items.
*Pets(small animals) are not allowed on board. (this excludes service dogs)

Fare (Revised Oct 1, 2019)

Zones One-way Round-trip Ticket Booklet
(4 tickets)(*)
Adults Students (*) Adults Students (*)
Sapporo – Kushrio/Tottori Bunki/Otanoshike ¥5,880 ¥5,240 ¥10,690 ¥9,640 ¥19,240
Sapporo – Shiranuka ¥5,350 ¥4,820 ¥10,170 ¥9,220
Sapporo – Onbetsu ¥5,070 ¥4,610 ¥9,600 ¥8,690

*If you are a student purchasing a ticket at student discount price, please be sure to show your student ID to counter staff, and driver.
*If you are using a ticket from a ticket booklet, please exchange it for a ticket at the ticket counter.

Economical Transfer Tickets for connections from cities around Kushiro to Sapporo

Zones One-way Round-trip Transfer Lines
Sapporo – Akan ¥6,220 ¥11,000 Akan Honcho Line (Akan Bus)
Akan Line (Akan Bus)
Sapporo – Lake Akan Hot Springs ¥6,930 ¥12,430
Sapporo – Nakashibetsu ¥6,670 ¥11,960 Kushiro-Rausu Line (Akan Bus)
Sapporo – Shibetsu ¥6,810 ¥12,240
Sapporo – Akkeshi ¥6,000 ¥10,770 Kiritapu Line (Kushiro Bus)
Sapporo – Kiritappu ¥6,530 ¥11,830

*Delays are expected due to traffic conditions. We can ensure that you you will make connections to other means of transportation, so please be sure to allow ample time for connections when planning your trip.

Reservations / Purchases

・ticketes can be reserved up to 1 month in advance(same day as the prior month). Please try to purchase your ticket within 4 days of the day you wish to board.
・If you are boarding from Kushiro Bus Main Office, please purchase your ticket ahead of time at the Kushiro Station Bus Terminal.
・If you are boarding from Sapporo Station Bus Terminal, please purchase your ticket ahead of time at South Lane/Chuo Bus ticket counter.
・The Sapporo Station stop (South side of Tokyu Dept. store) does not have a ticket counter. Please make a reservation and purchase your ticket ahead of time.

Book a reservation/purchase by telephone or at the ticket counter.

Ticket Counter (Reservations / Purchases) Telephone Number Reception Hours
Chuo Bus Reservation Center 011-231-0600 07:30~18:00
Chuo Bus Oyachi Office 011-891-6388 07:50~18:00
Kushiro Station Bus Terminal 0154-25-1223 06:45~24:00
Ticket Sales (purchases only) Reception Hours
Tottori Bunki Seven Eleven Kushiro Tottori Odori 8-chome Branch 7:30~18:00
Otanoshike Yoshida Furniture and Hardware Store 8:30~19:00 (Closed Sundays)
Shiranuka Shiranuka Bus Terminal 9:00~12:00、13:00~17:00
(Closed Sun, holidays)
Onbetsu Sato Shoten Store 8:30~19:00 (Closed Sundays)

*Bus tickets can be purchased at convenience stores, after you have booked your reservation by phone.
*Ticket booklets are not sold at the ticket counters.

Reserve and purchase tickets at convenience stores.

After you have made a reservation at the following convenience stores; Lawson, Family Mart, Circle K, Sunkus, Seven Eleven, a print-out of your transaction will be provided, which you can take up to the cashier and pay for your ticket.

*When purchasing your ticket at a convenience store, you cannot use a ticket from the ticket booklet.
*Tickets for boarding the bus at the first stop are not possible at convenience stores, within an hour of the bus you wish to board.

︎Reserve and purchase tickets online.

Reservation Address How to purchase tickets Reception Hours
Bus Plaza(*) Online purchase is possible
(a credit card is needed to complete the transaction)
Hassha Orai Net Bus Terminal Ticket Counters, Convenience Stores Listed Above 05:00~26:00
JTB Website Convenience stores listed above 06:00~22:59

*Reservations and purchases of tickets on Bus Plaza site must be made one day in advance.
*Refunds for tickets purchased at Bus Plaza will be handled according to the Japan Travel Agency terms and regulations.
*Reservations cannot be made online if purchasing your ticket at the ticket counter.

︎Reservations/ Purchases for Transfers

Reservations Telephone Number Reception Hours
Chuo Bus Reservation Center 011-231-0600 7:30~18:00
Kushiro Station Bus Terminal 0154-25-1223 6:45~24:00
Purchases Ticket Counter Reception Hours
Akan/Lake Akan Akan Bus Lake Akan Office 7:30~18:00
Seven Eleven Akan-cho Branch 7:30~18:00
Nakashibetsu/Shibetsu Akan Bus Nakashibetsu Office 7:30~18:00
Akan Bus Shibetsu Office 7:30~18:00
Akkeshi/Kiritappu Kushiro Bus Akkeshi Office 9:00~17:00 (Closed Sun, holidays)
Kushiro Bus Hamanaka Branch Office 9:00~17:00 (Closed Sun, holidays)


Telephone Number
Chuo Bus Reservation Center 011-231-0600
Kushiro Station Bus Terminal 0154-25-1223