How to board the bus

1. Confirm your destination

  • Confirm your destination on the front of each bus.

2. Boarding

  • The door in the center of the bus is where you board. Please watch your step as you board.

    Please take a number ticket.
    (this confirms the point at which you boarded)

    For your safety, please take a seat.

3. Bus fare

  • When the bus stop at which you wish to alight is announced, press the button that indicates you wish to alight.

    Check the number on your ticket and match it with the fare corresponding to the number shown on the bus fare chart at the front.

  • Change
    Change is not provided when you pay, so please be sure to break bills or larger coins at the change machine next to the driver’s seat before paying.
    A. Change machine (coins)
    B. Change machine (bills)
    C. Change Dispenser

4. Alighting

  • After you have placed your fare and number ticket in the slot, please exit through the front door.
    Be sure to pay by putting your bus fare and number ticket into the slot next to the driver’s seat.

    D. Fare Slot

    Please watch your step as you alight from the bus.