Regular Sightseeing Bus


One-day course to the three major lakes in eastern Hokkaido; Lake Mashu, Kussharo and Akan

By Reservation Only

  • Lake Mashu

  • Mt. Io

  • Lake Kussharo (Sunayu)

  • Straight road heading toward Lake Akan

  • Lake Akan

  • Ainu Village

Operating period

Everyday between Apr 23 (Sun) – Nov 6 (Sun), 2017

Travel Time

Approx. 8 hr 55 min (Dep / Arr Kushiro)


Kushiro Station Dep / 08:00 Kushiro Station Bus Terminal (next to JR Kushiro Station)
Fisherman’s Wharf MOO Dep / 08:05  
Kushiro Prince Hotel Dep / 08:08  
Kushiro Wetlands Hokuto Observatory View from bus window  
Lake Mashu Daiichi Lookout Point 30 min to view sights  
Mt. Io 30 min to view sights  
Lake Kussharo (Sunayu) 20 min to view sights  
Lake Akan Hot Springs Arr / 13:05
120 min to view the sights
*DO possible (Lake Akan Hot Springs – Lake Akan Bus Center)
*Time for lunch (please separately)

◎ Visitors have the option of viewing the Eco Museum Center at Lake Akan Hot Springs (free admission).
◎ Day bathing (please pay separately) possible.

Kushiro Airport Arr / 16:10 *DO possible
Kushiro Station Arr / 16:50 Kushiro Station Bus Terminal (next to JR Kushiro Station)
Fisherman’s Wharf MOO Arr / 16:54  
Kushiro Prince Hotel Arr / 16:55  


Zones Adults Children Disability Discount
Adults Children
Kushiro – Kushiro ¥4,600 ¥2,300 ¥2,300 ¥1,150
Kushiro – Kushiro Airport ¥4,300 ¥2,150 ¥2,150 ¥1,080
Kushiro – Lake Akan Hot Springs ¥3,290 ¥1,650 ¥1,650 ¥830

*Please pay for your own lunch at Lake Akan.
*Please show your [Physical Disability Card] , [Rehabilitation Certificate] or [Mental Disability Card] in order to be eligible for the disability discount.


Reservations / Inquiries

Use the form below to make a temporary reservation for the Regular Sightseeing Bus. Please be sure to fill out required fields.
You can also book your reservation by calling [0154-37-2221] or by faxing [0154-37-9083].
Please feel free to contact us.

*This form does not complete your reservation.
*You will be contacted by a representative after your data has been confirmed.
*Please understand that courses and other content related to the sightseeing bus is subject to change. Please be sure to contact us in advance.
*Reservations can be booked on this website anytime after 3 months in advance, and up to 3 days prior to use.
*If you are booking your reservation 2 days in advance or the same day, please call to book your reservation.


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